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Duane K. Bryant has over 30 years of experience practicing law.


Criminal Law

Whether charged with a Felony or Misdemeanor; 

Whether your charges involve Drugs, DWI, Sex Offenses, Traffic or any other criminal matter; 

Whether charged in State Court or Federal Court,

Any place in this State or whether you are charged out of state,

Then you should call the Law Offices of Duane K. Bryant.

Jury Trials

Whether your case goes before a jury or a bench trial;

Whether your trial involves Murder, Assault, White Collar Crime, Financial Crimes or any other case resulting in a trial;

Whether your trial is in State or Federal Court,

Then you should call the Law Offices of Duane K. Bryant.


Civil Law

When you have a civil matter that needs litigation;

Whether your case is pertaining to a lawsuit (suing and defending), discrimination, sexual harassment or wrongful termination;

Whether your case is against an individual or company;

Duane K. Bryant is the litigation attorney you should call.